4th Dimension Furniture

Beautiful bespoke furniture


4th Dimension Furniture specialises in designing and making bespoke furniture and fittings, anything from a small coffee table to a full kitchen for your home or perhaps a reception desk or other office furniture for your business.

In us you can find a blend of traditional skills and craftsmanship with modern techniques and ideas.


This was a recent speculative piece exploring the concept of multifunctional furniture.  We like the idea that a piece of furniture can not only be beautiful but can fulfil more than one purpose.



The table-settle was based on the idea of a “monks bench” (sometimes known as a “hutch table” in the US) which is usually a table top set onto a chest in such a way that when the table is not in use, the top pivots to a vertical position and becomes the back of the settle.  This configuration allowed easy access to the chest lid which traditionally formed the seat of the piece.

Deciding to make this idea a little more contemporary we replaced the chest with two soft close drawers and fronted these with a interlocking wave pattern that wraps around sides to make it pleasing to the eye.


The construction is primarily of solid “Pippy” or “Cats Paw” Oak with Sycamore used for the drawer bottoms. The drawer fronts and side panels were lightly fumed to add a subtle contrast to the rest of the piece and the pale Sycamore drawer bottoms were laser engraved with a wave pattern to echo that of the drawer fronts

In this case the transition of this table-settle from side table to occasional seat makes it perfect for its new owners entrance hall.


If you would like something similar made for you the please contact us to discuss.

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Other recent work

Storage Chest

This is a two section storage chest made for a requirement for some storage drawers to fit perfectly in a constrained space.


The construction is of birch ply with maple facings and American Black Walnut drawer fronts with inset solid brass handles


It has full extension drawers (so nothing can ever get lost at the back of them!)

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Work in progress

This is just a few pictures of a piece of work currently in progress.


This will be a special coffee table with a detailed map of Edinburgh laser engraved into an oval sycamore top. The component that you can see covered in clamps is an oval column that will be the base, this going to be copper gilded as its finish – creating a unique conversation piece for any home.

This is a speculative build and will be available for sale on completion.

Please contact us for details if this is something you would like to consider purchasing.  Any other location in the UK would also be available on a commissioned build.