How long does it take to have something made?

Every piece of furniture is hand made from scratch out of a variety of different woods and materials. How long a piece will take depends very much on the size and complexity of  the design. As a general rule, individual pieces take between 4-8 weeks and kitchens 12-18 weeks. We will contact you upon completion to arrange an appropriate installation date and time.

What sort of furniture can you make?

All of our furniture is entirely bespoke. The hand made furniture we make can be tailored exactly to your needs and wants. Examples of what we can make range from Kitchens, Bookcases, Libraries, Dining tables, Beds, Chairs, TV units, Benches, Coffee Tables, Wardrobes and much more between.

Can you help with the design?

Design consultation is very much a key part to the bespoke furniture process. Whether you know exactly what it is you want, if you need to refine an idea or tailor an idea to your needs, we can guide you all the way to completion.

How much will having something bespoke made cost?

We encourage you to get in contact to discuss prices. The cost very much depends on the product type, labour materials involved and finishes required. As an approximate guide,£800-£1200 per linear metre. The pieces of furniture made are tailored in every way including budgets. The very nature of bespoke furniture means that we can’t really display prices on our website, but we are very competitively priced.


Commissioning a piece from 4th Dimension Furniture is a process in which we will help you transform your initial ideas into a beautiful design and ultimately into your special piece of furniture.


We like working face to face as much as possible. When you decide to commission a piece, we will arrange meetings firstly to discuss your ideas and then to go through our sketch designs and a quotation for your approval. Before commencing work, we ask for a deposit, normally 50% of the agreed price, with the balance being payable on delivery. For a larger project, we may agree stage payments with you to spread the cost over the build period.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your ideas.

What kind of restoration can you do?

Restoration is another key part to our business. Whether you are needing an old chair’s broken leg glue up, a new finish applied to an old table or you want some old furniture up-cycled and repurposed, please get in touch.